Fun Maternity Photo Ideas

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My wife and I are expecting our first baby, and needless to say we are super excited. We’ve decided to go “old school” and not find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. This past weekend we went to Old Poway Park for a maternity photoshoot. We found some fun maternity photo ideas on Pinterest and also brought along a couple of pink and blue balloons and some baby shoes to include as props in the photos.

This first photo is by far our favorite. The pink and blue balloons are a lot of fun, and no, we are not having quadruplets! Carrie sat on a baby blanket and also sat on the balloon’s ribbons to hold them down. It was a little breezy, so we had to wait until the wind died down enough to get the balloons behind her.

Fun maternity photo shoot ideas

I know you cannot see Carrie’s face in this photo, but I still love it. I was setting up and testing the light for another shot we were planning on and this shot happened. I love the little yellow booties and Carrie’s folded hands like she is eagerly waiting. I know it is not a traditional maternity photo, but it still stood out to me.

Cute maternity photo ideas

We have a boy and a girl name picked out, and both start with the letter H. We bought these letters to hang in the nursery, and they also made for a fun little prop for another maternity photo idea. I really liked this bench and the wood paneling wall behind it. The contrast of the dark colors and white letters really stands out.

Baby initials at a maternity photo shoot

Finally, here are two variations of the first photo above with the ballons. We kept trying different poses just to see what we liked the best. For these photos we added the letter H with the balloons.

pink and blue balloons used for a cute maternity photo shoot

Fun maternity photo shoot ideas

As with other photo shoots, there are an almost unlimited number of ways to pose and plenty of fun props to incorporate. Hopefully these images help you think of  a few maternity photo ideas of your own. Of course, if you are looking for a maternity photographer in the Richmond, VA area, contact me and we can create some great photos you will love for a long time.


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